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Abstergo International

Abstergo International

A Abstergo International initially entered the Burkina Faso market with a focus on delivering cutting-edge technological products and accessories. However, our broader mission goes beyond mere commercial transactions. We aspire to be more than a conventional tech provider, serving as enablers for the dreams and creativity of a diverse community, including architects, gamers, content creators, and technology enthusiasts. Our commitment is to empower users to surpass their creative boundaries and achieve new heights in their respective fields through the innovative tools we offer.

At Abstergo, we take pride in our role as collaborators in our customers’ creative journeys. Whether architects visualizing intricate designs or gamers exploring immersive virtual worlds, our products act as reliable companions. As we continuously expand our product range, our ultimate objective remains driving the success stories of individuals who rely on Abstergo as their trusted technological ally.

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United Kingdom
February, 2023

Project Summery

Abstergo International is dedicated to revolutionizing Burkina Faso’s technological landscape by introducing cutting-edge products and accessories. Beyond our primary mission, we envision our offerings as catalysts, inspiring a diverse community of architects, gamers, content creators, and tech professionals. Our clients view Abstergo’s products not just as tools but as empowering enablers, pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

For architects, our technological solutions are indispensable, aiding in visualizing and realizing intricate designs. Gamers find in Abstergo’s offerings a gateway to immersive experiences, while content creators across various fields discover unparalleled precision and efficiency in bringing their visions to life. Abstergo serves as a reliable partner for professionals seeking excellence, enhancing productivity and elevating their work.

At Abstergo, we pride ourselves on being collaborators in our customers’ journeys, actively contributing to the evolution of their creative pursuits. Through our commitment to innovation, quality, and user-centric design, we aim to inspire and fuel the aspirations of our vibrant community. As we expand our product range, our ultimate goal is to be the driving force behind the success stories of those who trust us with their technological needs.