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Share My Dine

Share My Dine

Share My Dine

S Share My Dine envisions a transformative dining experience where individuals open their homes to become hosts, inviting guests to share meals in a unique and personal setting. This innovative concept aims to create a community founded on the principles of hospitality, cultural exchange, and genuine connections, fostering a sense of “acquaintanceship” through shared meals.

By redefining dining as a social experience that transcends traditional restaurant settings, Share My Dine encourages hosts to welcome strangers into their kitchens, while guests embrace the opportunity to enjoy home-cooked meals in an intimate environment. The platform’s ultimate goal is to break down societal barriers, build bridges between diverse individuals, and cultivate lasting relationships, turning the act of sharing a meal into a powerful catalyst for creating a global network of hospitable communities.

  • React.js
  • Material UI
  • Redux
  • Thunks
  • Responsiveness
  • Product Design
  • JIRA
  • BitBucket
Orcalo Holdings
Uxbridge, United Kingdom
September, 2022

Project Summery

The vision of Share My Dine is to revolutionize the dining experience by fostering a sense of community and connection through the concept of sharing meals at the kitchen owner’s location or house. The essence of this innovative product lies in creating a hospitable environment where customers become guests, and hosts invite them to share a meal, thus cultivating a unique form of “acquaintanceship.”

In this novel dining concept, individuals open their homes and kitchens to welcome guests, providing an intimate and personal setting for shared meals. This not only transforms the act of dining into a more meaningful and social experience but also encourages the establishment of genuine connections between hosts and guests.

Share My Dine aims to go beyond traditional restaurant experiences by emphasizing the warmth and authenticity of home-cooked meals. The platform facilitates a community where people can connect over their shared love for food, cultural exchange, and hospitality. By encouraging hosts to extend invitations to strangers and guests to embrace the opportunity to dine in a home setting, Share My Dine aims to break down barriers and build bridges between individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The concept of “acquaintanceship” within Share My Dine embodies more than just a shared meal; it represents the development of genuine relationships and a sense of belonging within a local community. As hosts and guests engage in conversations, exchange stories, and savor homemade dishes, the platform becomes a catalyst for the creation of lasting connections and friendships.

Ultimately, Share My Dine envisions a world where the act of sharing a meal transcends its basic function and becomes a powerful catalyst for building bonds, fostering cultural understanding, and creating a global network of hospitable communities centered around the joy of dining together.